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CEO Message


To become a robust comprehensive financial services enterprise

Century Tokyo Leasing Corporation engages in a broad spectrum of businesses. Specifically, the Company builds on the strength of its core business activities, including the leasing and installment sale of information and communications equipment, to provide highly specialized financing in such fields as real estate, vessels, aircraft, the environment and energy. In addition to an outstanding presence in Japan, Century Tokyo Leasing maintains overseas businesses with an industry-leading overseas network that is particularly strong in Asia. Having bolstered its automobile leasing business for companies and individuals with the addition of rental car services, the Company also plays a prominent role through its automobile financing business. In addition to these business, the Century Tokyo Leasing Group works closely with several leading manufacturers as its strives to become a solutions-oriented company that delivers truly comprehensive financial services that meet every possible customer need.

The Century Tokyo Leasing Group positioned an “evolution scenario for maximizing merger synergies and moving to the next stage of growth” at the heart of its first three-year medium term management plan, which kicked off in April 2010. Under this plan, the Group worked diligently to reinforce management as well as its sales base.

Specifically, the Group completed information system integration at a pace that led the industry. at the same time the Group accelerated differentiation and increased efficiency in leasing and installment sales segment, and that brought us number one in the industry in terms of value of new contracts in domestic market.

Also in the Financing business which we expect a great growth potential, Century Tokyo Leasing acquired an equity interest of Jetstar Japan, a low-cost carrier and invested in GA Telesis, one of the world’s largest providers of products, services and solutions to the commercial aerospace industry. Through these, the Company realized life-cycle management of aircraft financing business. In the environment and energy field, Century Tokyo Leasing entered the electric power sales business through joint venture with Kyocera Corporation and expanded its business domain by proactively approaching to regional mega-solar projects.

Moreover, Century Tokyo Leasing maintains an industry-leading overseas network that is particularly strong in Asia, by strengthening business bases in China and ASEAN at the same time the Company concluded a business alliance with TATA Group, which is a major Indian conglomerate and expanded its business in India. Furthermore, the Company concluded a business alliance with CSI Leasing, Inc., a major independent leasing company in the United States with the aim of globally supporting Japanese enterprises operating businesses in the Americas.

As a result of all these, in the final year of the first three-year medium term management plan, ended March 31, 2013, the balance of operating assets including business guarantees stood at ¥2,276.6 billion while ordinary income came to ¥46.3 billion, which represents a more than twofold increase compared with levels recorded at the time of the merger in April 2009. As a result, the Group achieved all its management targets.

The Century Tokyo Leasing Group launched its second three-year medium-term management plan in April 2013 under a basic policy of “to become a robust comprehensive financial services enterprise and realize further innovative changes as well as sustainable growth.” The Century Tokyo Leasing Group recognizes that the role of a leasing company is to contribute to customers’ businesses through the provision of finance. The Group is also acutely aware that its service-based activities provide the starting point for all of its endeavors. In this context, the Group will make the most of the flexibility and freedom available to a leasing company that has the ability to invest and engage in business in its own right. Unfettered by conventional business models, we will raise our sights and open up opportunities in domains that offer further growth. In addition, we will carry out our management strategies in a timely and definitive manner. In this way, we will work to build a structure that is capable of consistently achieving the management target of consolidated ordinary income of ¥50.0 billion or more while bringing to fruition sustainable growth.

As we work toward achieving this goal, we kindly request the continued support and understanding of all stakeholders.

Shunichi Asada
President & CEO